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In order to hold its own in a competitive market environment, SIX will be looking at organic growth opportunities as well as potential acquisitions and partnerships in all areas of business.

The Swiss Stock Exchange remains the preferred trading venue and liquidity pool for Swiss shares. Following the decision in the UK parliament after Brexit to grant recognition of stock market equivalence, a bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the UK enable resumption of trading in Swiss shares in London. SIX welcomes the revival of competition and will strive to maintain a market share of over 70%.

While focus is on organic growth, SIX accelerates its growth strategy through partnerships and acquisitions.

SIX will drive forward with the integration of BME in 2021 in order to benefit as swiftly as possible from the expected economies of scale and synergy effects. In addition, SIX has set itself the goal of achieving a further significant reduction in its operating costs by 2023. The measures associated with this have already been taken and encompass optimizing end-to-end processes, reducing external costs, developing robotics processes, and using the constantly growing Global Business Solutions center of SIX in Warsaw.

Only through continued improvement of its profitability can SIX maintain its strong market position. This will enable SIX to continue to offer stable and high-quality infrastructure services at competitive prices and to invest in forward-looking areas of growth and innovative technologies. In this way, not only will SIX enhance shareholder value, but it will also make a significant contribution to sustainable value creation in its markets. ■