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SIX Growth Strategy

Financial markets are evolving. New technologies allow for ground-breaking innovations that will lead toward the transformation of the entire financial market infrastructure landscape. SIX is one of the very few companies acting at the intersection of finance, data, technology, and infrastructure. Continuous investments and margin accretive growth are indispensable for SIX to stay competitive and serve its financial centers in the long term.

SIX is one of the largest financial market infrastructure companies in Europe. Our purpose is to drive the competitiveness of our customers in both of our home markets – Switzerland and Spain – as well as globally.

Besides our customers in the financial industry, our services also benefit the wider economy and society as a whole. Accordingly, SIX pursues a holistic set of targets, encompassing all relevant stakeholders:

  • Customers: Offer first-class innovative products and services
  • Financial Center & Economy: Maintain a secure, stable, and efficient infrastructure for conventional & digital assets
  • People & Environment: Enable a sustainable future
  • Shareholders: Serve as a vehicle for growth and value creation

To achieve these targets in a rapidly changing and increasingly global environment, SIX builds on its unique business portfolio covering capital raising, trading, post-trade, data and information services, and banking infrastructure services. SIX operates a more diversified portfolio of activities than any other European financial market infrastructure.

The diversified business portfolio puts SIX in a promising competitive position, allowing the company to tap into the growth opportunities along the entire securities value chain that add most value to our customers.

Seizing these growth opportunities while at the same time ensuring the stability and efficiency of our infrastructure requires continuous investment. SIX itself must remain attractive for investors in order to finance this investment going forward, The diligent execution of its ambitious growth strategy ensures that SIX realizes economies of scale and reaches its financial targets.

In the current strategy cycle until 2024, SIX aims for further growth alongside a gradual increase of its profitability. Revenue growth of more than 4% per annum and cost reductions will go hand in hand to achieve this target.

The key elements of the SIX Growth Strategy are:

  • further strengthening the capital- raising ecosystems in Switzerland and Spain, especially for SMEs
  • fully leveraging capabilities and realizing synergies in the trading and post-trading business after the successful integration of the Spanish units
  • growing the clearing and custody business by extending our offering and increasing our global footprint, for example by offering cross-border custody solutions in Asia and the US
  • extending the offering in the digital asset space and loading liquidity onto the platform around SIX Digital Exchange
  • expanding our attractive market position in the financial information space by pursuing various growth opportunities around tax and regulatory services, funds / ETFs, and ESG, thereby leveraging the bolt-on acquisitions made in 2021
  • accelerating the current growth path in the banking services space by various measures, such as expanding our digitized billing offering (eBill) and growing our Open Banking ecosystem (bLink)
Besides its customers in the financial industry, the services of SIX also benefit the wider economy and society as a whole.

As in past years, and given the rapidly evolving state of the industry consolidation, seizing inorganic growth opportunities will remain an integral part of our growth strategy.

As a financial market infrastructure, SIX is committed to the stability and efficient running of financial markets. The systemically important role of SIX in Swiss and Spanish financial centers brings a responsibility with regard to facilitating sustainable finance. Financial markets play a pivotal role in the transition to a greener, more sustainable economy, by enabling the mobilization and reallocation of capital necessary for this transformation. Being at the heart of the capital market ecosystem, SIX will continue to actively support the transformation of Swiss and Spanish financial centers. ■